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Learn the Types of Tafseer and Know More About Quranic Knowledge

Not all of the verses have been clarified by the prophet Muhammad (PBUH), there are many other cases that you will know throughout the online Quran Tafseer course, where our tutors will help you gain knowledge from its credible resources, mainly Tafsir bi’l-Ma’thoor.

Explore Quran Interpretation and Start A New Page
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Explore the Islamic Early History

Every event the early Muslims passed through, Allah has revealed verses to show support and let late Muslims take them as models.

Know the Fiqh Basics

Quran includes Ayat which shows Muslims how to deal with sinners and how to seek justice and equity. From Tafseer, you can know Fiqh of worship.

Have Glimpses of Shariah

With the help of Tafseer, you can have many rules that show the prohibited and allowed actions according to Islam. In other words, Halal and Haram.

Determine the Pillars of Aqedah

During the Tafseer course, you will learn about Aqeedah and its basics. You will know the beliefs that make one Muslim and the other not.

Recognize I’jaz

I’jaz or scientific miracles are details mentioned in Ayat that prove that these words came from Allah who creates everything and knows everything.

Learn Virtues of Quran

What is peace? What is honesty? Kindness? Sacrifice? All these virtues are mentioned in Quran and in Tafseer course you’ll explore their Islamic vision.


Through Various Methods and Tools, Tafseer Is Understood Easily

Our advanced teaching methods and state-of-the-art tools make a distinctive learning journey for every student. We adopted these methods and tools based on experience, where we used them time after time, and they proved their efficiency by delivering the aimed results.

Repetition Is King

We follow a certain technique in teaching students to understand and memorize the Quran Tafseer. The verses (Ayat) we discuss in class are repeated in the following classes in a way that makes the students never forget what they delivered. Besides our class assignment, we assign the student to do his own Tafseer-related research.

Tech Is Never Absent

We provide visual and audio materials to students so they can listen to Ayah several times in different ways and understand its meaning. This makes the students focus more on comprehension and listening. We also deliver Islamic audiobooks, videos, and podcasts that help students make their own studies.

Our Live Courses are Time-Friendly

Keeping the student focused is the main objective we seek. That’s why our class is not less than 45 minutes and no more than one and a half hours. This helps students to direct all attention to certain verses and their Tafseer, especially in the early learning stages.

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Tafseer Is the #1 Step to Understand Islam

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We Believe That Tafseer Is Just One Single Step Towards Islamic Studies

We are dedicated to making our students the best. So, we deliver what qualifies them to know much more than what they expected. Tafseer course gives you the opportunity to have a quick tour in the knowledge of Islam and its cornerstones.

Know Background of Each Surah

Based on Tafsir ibn Kathir and other modern Islamic scholars, you will know the reason for each Surah carrying such a name. You will also know the reasons for the revelation of verses. Our tutors will deliver full topics and themes, so you can connect the dots and understand the verses related to each other.

Discover the Effect of Ayat Revelation

Every Ayah has a reality that it succeeded to change. The development of Islam as an integrated religion, the development of worship; prayers, fasting, Haj, and Zakat, have always been connected to Ayat. All these happened in steps that astonished the disbelievers and Muslims as well.

No Time Is Better to Learn About Islam Than Now!

Quranova Offers the Most Suitable Opportunity to Study Quran Interpretation!

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Our Q&A you might be interested in

What courses does Quranova Academy offer?

We offer a variety of courses including Online Quran Memorization Course, Online Quran Recitation Course, Online Quran Tafseer Course, Intermediate Quran Course Online, Online Quran Tajweed Course, Quran Arabic Course Online, and more.

How do I register for a course?

You can register for a course by filling the registration form on our website or clicking the Whatsapp button.

What is the duration of each class?

We offer classes of different durations, starting from 30 minutes, 45 minutes, to 60 minutes.

How many classes per week can I take?

This depends on the package you choose. We offer packages with one to six classes per week

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment via credit/debit card, PayPal, and bank transfer

Do you offer any trial sessions

Yes, we offer a trial session for each student to discover our quality and way of teaching.

Do I get a certificate after completing a course?

Yes, after successful completion of a course, we provide a certificate to the students.

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