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When you need to understand the words of Allah that he revealed to his messenger, you should ask for the support of a professional entity that leads students to the righteous methods for dealing with the Quran.


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Teaching Hours

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Quranova Is Your Gateway for Accurate Learning Quran and Arabic

Every course has its own strategy that we follow to achieve the core of its goals. As our experts tutored numerous students, courses have been developed over time to become in their best forms.

We Offer an Excellent Price for Every Plan

First Package

30 Minute Class Duration

1 Class/week - 15$

2 Classes/week - 30$

3 Classes/week - 45$

4 Classes/week - 60$

5 Classes/week - 75$

6 Classes/week - 90$

Second Package


1 Class/week - 23$

2 Classes/week - 45$

3 Classes/week - 67$

4 Classes/week - 90$

5 Classes/week - 112$


Third Package


1 Class/week - 30$

2 Classes/week - 60$

3 Classes/week - 90$

4 Classes/week - 120$

5 Classes/week - 150$


Easy Subscription Process for Better Quran and Arabic Learning

Taking a single step may occur a life change! In Quranova, we believe that taking the right learning action in the right time is the quality we help you to have. As you get a stable learning journey with qualified tutors and feel the joy of proper Islam.

1- Sign Up

Fill your data in the form, so we can know more about our Quran student. Don’t forget to provide your contact info.

2- Set a Plan

Schedule your classes and create learning vision that meets your convenience.Then, we take the extra mile for your own good.

3- Wait for Getting in Touch

Our representatives will contact you. They fully understand your objectives and learning needs to come true. 

Learn Quran Recitation and Tajweed in the Quality You Need

Quranova mainly delivers quality by teaching Quran; the sacred words of Allah in the best experienced methods that achieved results that exceed expectations. Also efficiency comes from accredited tutors, safe environments, and clear vision that always create the perfect learning outline.

Accredited Azhar Tutors

We provide male and female expert tutors who graduated from Al-Azhar university, the first Islamic university in the modern history. Also, Our tutors are qualified to deal with different ages; kids and adults.  

Recorded Classes

With lessons available for replay and revision, they help students to review their content again. It becomes easier to self practice and take the opportunity of revisiting the classes as if they’re the first time. This multiplies the advantage 10 times.

Performance Evaluation

Learning is not a one way relationship, but it’s a two-way. Delivering Quran is just the beginning, as we formulate new values for learning. We monitor your progress through monthly reports to optimize the process with necessary adjustments.

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Selecting the Suitable Tutors Simple With Quranova

Whether you need to learn Arabic, Quran Recitation, or memorization, our tutors are the best calibers to get your learning goals achieved. There are always academic and ethical traits that you notice in common between all tutors.

Arabic Natives

Our tutors are native Arabic speakers who have many tongues. This facilitates the learning process and makes it more effective as you’re learning how to pronounce words, characters, and syntax 100% correctly.  

Positive Attitudes

Tutors never let students feel guilty about themselves. They keep them in a positive status through a friendly relationship. We support students along the learning journey regardless of their level or response pace.

Effective Experience

By teaching hundreds of students, tutors acquired the patterns they should follow to meet each personality and achieve the top results with each of them. They analyze students and notice every detail that benefits learning.

We Encourage You to Learn More andPositively Influence Your Community

Learning is a non-stop process. However, it’s normal at some point, you feel dull, bored, or exhausted. That’s why, we deliver all the features that help you stay focused on the right track.

Leveled Courses

Chunking your course into a group of levels that starts from your current level is a perfect way to feel the progress you’re achieving. Milestones have always been the way to get more comfortable towards destinations.


Achievements are easily noticed when they become materialized. So, with every level you accomplish, you receive a certificate that proves your smartness and worthiness. This encourages you to take the next level.

Influencing Others

Influencing your community always leaves a good impression. Whenever you recommend a friend our courses, they will help them have a good experience as you got. You’ll also enjoy free 5 classes, as a result.

Explore Our Students’ Reviews About Quranova

Believe it or not, positive feedback is one of the main motives that keep business continue its path. We thank Allah for helping us leave a mark with every Quran and Arabic student.

Based on Your Level

Start a Distinctive Journey to Learn Arabic and Quran With Quranova

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Our Q&A you might be interested in

What courses does Quranova Academy offer?

We offer a variety of courses including Online Quran Memorization Course, Online Quran Recitation Course, Online Quran Tafseer Course, Intermediate Quran Course Online, Online Quran Tajweed Course, Quran Arabic Course Online, and more.

How do I register for a course?

You can register for a course by filling the registration form on our website or clicking the Whatsapp button.

What is the duration of each class?

We offer classes of different durations, starting from 30 minutes, 45 minutes, to 60 minutes.

How many classes per week can I take?

This depends on the package you choose. We offer packages with one to six classes per week

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment via credit/debit card, PayPal, and bank transfer

Do you offer any trial sessions

Yes, we offer a trial session for each student to discover our quality and way of teaching.

Do I get a certificate after completing a course?

Yes, after successful completion of a course, we provide a certificate to the students.