Each Element in Quranic Arabic Opens a New Door for You to Islam

Like any other language, Quranova’s tutors guide you to acquire all the skills to be fluent in this language. In order to communicate, you will listen to Arabic voices and practice talking in Islamic Arabic. In order to memorize the forms of letters in different places, you will write them. Finally, in order to understand the words of Allah, you will read from Quran.

We Develop an Islamic Arabic Course Customized for You

Understand Islam Better

Learning the language in which the Quran is revealed to the prophet will help you comprehend the principles of Islam and the prophet’s teachings.

A Good Start for Any Other Arabic Version

Classical Arabic is a perfect start for learning Modern Standard Arabic, used in official media and state channels in MENA, or any other dialect.

Read, Write, Speak Arabic Perfectly

As you expect, you’ll be able to perfectly write, read, and speak Arabic. Regardless of its uses, you’ll know how to apply every learned item.

Know More Than +50k Arabic Words

Arabic is a rich language, and as you show progress in the course, you’ll be able to collect numerous words that apply to different purposes.

Recite Quran Seamlessly

Now Quran has become easier to recite. This course qualifies you to go deeper into the knowledge of the Quran and Tajweed and know more to master recitation.

Get Closer to Allah

Getting closer to Allah is the best way to live in Duniya, it’s the mindset that guarantees success in life and Jannah at the end for good deeds.


Quranova Provides All the Factors That Boost Quranic Arabic Learning

All of our tutors are from the Middle East and are Arabic natives. So, they know the best ways to deliver these subjects and help students practice them to make use of the materials they receive along the course. We qualify you to use the language for many purposes, related to Islam, culture, society, and even business.

We Deliver Local Video and Audio Resources That Make the Difference

We care about listening as a major skill you should use to build all your Arabic knowledge. We provide you with classical resources that show you how to pronounce the letters in their original form. We also support you with audiobooks, podcasts, and video materials that help you acquire this language.

You Are Exposed to Text From Quran and Heritage Books

The skill of reading Quranic Arabic requires original text. Throughout the course, tutors show you how to practice reading, pronunciation, and developing the right spelling of each word. Also, we explain the diacritics to help you apply them while reading, pronouncing, and writing Quranic Arabic.

Providing Expressions That You Can Still Use for Today’s World

We enable you to recognize Quranic idioms and quotes that are widely spread in the modern world. This helps you get more involved in the Arabic culture and become more aware of Islam and the elements that Muslims respect the most in it.

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Why is Quranova the Perfect Place to Learn Quranic Arabic?

Arabic is a core element in the Quran recitation course. Quranova understands the needs of its students. That’s why Quranic Arabic is included in every Quran recitation plan, so you’ll have a complete vision of the route towards achieving your goals with this extraordinary language. From Arabic phonetics to grammar rules, it’s a long journey that requires patience and concentration from our tutors and you.

Make Quranic Arabic Another Native Language

Our tutors display the Arabic alphabet in every class, so your memory is always refreshed. The examples we deliver in teaching Arabic come from the Quran, so you gradually get used to the shape of the characters and the form of the sentence.

Our Technology Lets You Enjoy Extraordinary Language Learning

Technology not only helps us teach you during the session but also boosts the whole learning experience, so you can double or even triple the benefits. So, you can send us your inquiries and we will provide you with the answers in the shortest amount of time to have a zero-challenge learning period.

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Our Q&A you might be interested in

What courses does Quranova Academy offer?

We offer a variety of courses including Online Quran Memorization Course, Online Quran Recitation Course, Online Quran Tafseer Course, Intermediate Quran Course Online, Online Quran Tajweed Course, Quran Arabic Course Online, and more.

How do I register for a course?

You can register for a course by filling the registration form on our website or clicking the Whatsapp button.

What is the duration of each class?

We offer classes of different durations, starting from 30 minutes, 45 minutes, to 60 minutes.

How many classes per week can I take?

This depends on the package you choose. We offer packages with one to six classes per week

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment via credit/debit card, PayPal, and bank transfer

Do you offer any trial sessions

Yes, we offer a trial session for each student to discover our quality and way of teaching.

Do I get a certificate after completing a course?

Yes, after successful completion of a course, we provide a certificate to the students.

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