Know the Items Your Kid Will Learn Throughout Quran and Arabic Course

Our children are the adornment of our lives. They need careful communication and full understanding of their capabilities and the way they receive new knowledge. In Quran and Arabic online course, every item is delivered in the simplest form to make the kids feel joyful and satisfied with every progress and small achievement they make.

Quran and Arabic Course Made Suitable for Kids From All Ages

Introduce Your Children To Quran

Helping your kids learn how to recite and memorize Quran is our job. A class is a chance that builds seeds of good, growing with time in them.

Lead Your Kid to a Unique Arabic Culture

By learning Arabic, your kids get a new background and reference that will help them become more used to the Arabic culture and traditions.

Provide Them a Strong Memory and a Fluent Tongue

Memorizing Quran lets your children acquire a strong memory that keeps the tiny details and has a fluent tongue ready for presentations.

Grow Your Kids on a Strong Basis

Raising a kid is a challenge in times of disturbances and distractions. So, learning Quran lets them have a compass that never misleads them.

Let the Kids Learn Quran With Much Fun

Using interactive learning tools and gaming methods, your child find Arabic and Quran much joyful. Each method has its unique learning curve.

Ensure Your Child’s Safety Every Class

Every class is recorded to make sure that tutors follow our quality standards and professionalism. So, your kid learns in a safe environment.


Simplifying the Quran Principles for Kids Is Our Major

Kids might find the Quranic expressions hard to read or difficult to understand. However, our instructors make the process feel like a running river. They analyze your kid’s mindset and develop the top educational methods to get the aimed results.


Learn Tajweed Rules From Basics to Advanced

Tajweed is a crucial element in learning the Quran. Our tutors make it easier to encourage kids to continue their learning journey. With every rule, they provide more than an example in various Ayat to help the kid understand and practice.

Pronounce From the Right Points of Articulation

Quran recitation and memorization classes don’t only enhance your kids’ vision of Islam but also develops their pronunciation and the way they extract characters from their mouth. This upgrades their capabilities in speech and makes pronouncing hard words much easier.

Know the Reason for Revelation

We love to listen to history and the events that happened in the past. Our kids have the same quality. They’d like to know why these verses revealed to prophet Muhammad (PBUH). This will make the verses more stable and hard to forget as well.

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The Learning Journey Never Ends

A Cost-Effective Online Quran and Arabic Course Is Your Next Step to Develop Your Kid

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Teaching Arabic Online in a Way Different From Other Academies

Teaching is all about the methods, attitude, and experience! We believe that our distinctive approaches in teaching Arabic is the main reason for developing a Quran course that leaves a shining mark in your kid’s life.

Study Quranic Arabic Helps in Knowing More About the Culture

Training the kids on how to pronounce each Arabic letter correctly will facilitate Quran recitation and memorization. Our tutors help them use all diacritics, so they can apply in words and sentences and recite Quran properly.

Take Noorani Qaida as a Guide in the Learning Journey

Our tutors deliver the kids a lot of references that help them know more about the beauty of Arabic and its pronunciation. Noorani Qaida in its English/Arabic version is one of the finest books that help children study and comprehend.

Get More Arabic Vocabulary Through Role Play and Storytelling

Arabic has always been a vital language that needs a lot of action to understand. In Quranova, we tell stories and simulate certain situations to let your kids learn new Arabic expressions that will help them understand Quran more.

The Art of Making Parents and Kids Satisfied With the Course

There is no secret in keeping kids happy in the course and getting the parents satisfied with the achieved results. We have faith that it’s our responsibility to teach Quran and honesty obligates us to do it perfectly.

Our children are the lives that we hope to be better than ours! Now, put them on the point where the decent road starts by picking the most suitable learning package.

Safety Must Be Part of Any Learning Journey

Our live sessions are recorded and reviewed by our quality control team. This ensures that classes are delivered with the efficiency Quranova seeks. Also, we check that your kids are not exposed to any abuse or harassment. We carefully select our tutors, however, extra caring for our little ones will never be a waste.

We Use All Methods to Keep the Fun in Learning

Keeping the fun part of any educational process is what makes students continue till they reach the finish line. Quranova maintains a recipe that triggers curiosity, excitement, and joy with every class, by planning every detail of each class. So, the kids never get bored with learning new knowledge about Islam.

Grow Young Muslims With Strong Faith

Let Your Kid Learn Quran and Select the Best Fit Plan For Them

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Our Q&A you might be interested in

What courses does Quranova Academy offer?

We offer a variety of courses including Online Quran Memorization Course, Online Quran Recitation Course, Online Quran Tafseer Course, Intermediate Quran Course Online, Online Quran Tajweed Course, Quran Arabic Course Online, and more.

How do I register for a course?

You can register for a course by filling the registration form on our website or clicking the Whatsapp button.

What is the duration of each class?

We offer classes of different durations, starting from 30 minutes, 45 minutes, to 60 minutes.

How many classes per week can I take?

This depends on the package you choose. We offer packages with one to six classes per week

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment via credit/debit card, PayPal, and bank transfer

Do you offer any trial sessions

Yes, we offer a trial session for each student to discover our quality and way of teaching.

Do I get a certificate after completing a course?

Yes, after successful completion of a course, we provide a certificate to the students.

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